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Some Kind of Hero

Luke: “Thanks for saving my life.”
Reva: “Thanks for changing mine.”

I think you might be bulletproof

But you shouldn’t have to be

I guess fear is why I have that recoil

and it circles back into me


I’ve apologized a million times

and every time I meant it

Like I intended every love letter

every time I sent it


But they’re not the same thing

Not in the same galaxy


You’re a kind of hero

with no cape and no sword

Your heart is the source of your power

but unlike Superman you get no reward


My reality’s a kind of kryptonite

for what he have

It can suck it dry

and cut a moment in half


But I promise to work at it

as much as it’s been said


But you’re a kind of hero

with no sword and no cape

I’m trying to give you a place to land

safely within the licking flames


The Flames that I create.



You’ve restarted my heart

and I need to give light to your dark


This life preserver you’ve tossed.

I need to make room for both of us.





Head down with my thoughts on fire

You’re on my mind as much as day one

Maybe more


Cracks of doubt seep on in

as the painted strokes begin to run

off the canvas to the floor


This work is not perfect

as my brush strokes in a strengthening sun

that makes my heart sore



I’m picking up stardust

that’s falling hard off your wings

that stings and leave scores



Am I half the glow of this painting

that you emit in my eyes

in yours?



that’s a thought spinning round

rattles in my head as I walk in my sleep

steps become a chore





in my very core





She was getting by

and he was giving up

Her glass was to her, half-empty

he’d already spilled the cup


She did something she’d never done

reaching out to a drowning man

She didn’t know that he was underwater

but she still grabbed a hold of his hand


What’d she see in an invisible man

tangible enough to make her care?

to take a chance, to roll the dice

hold her breath, and act on a dare?


It was hard for them keeping promises

to those not holding up the end of the deal

never easy to fake your way through

when the ones not trying are thinking it real


knowing is only the first step

to see deep down you deserve better

you have to have unbridled courage

to open up that promising letter



How’d he know of the choices he had

that this scary one was indeed right?

it would make the impulse move to his hands

to make a left turn on a red light.

Looking Back

Breathless, so damn hard to think
Looking at this full color digital dream
Knowing that you’re thinking about me
It’s awful hard to restrain the scream

I’ve asked you to go outside and look at the moon
The shared disconnect feels somehow like doom
There’s a thousand miles between our eyes
But we’re both here under the same sky

The fabric against your body belongs to me
It took three days to make the trip
I hold in my hands cloth that you’ve stripped
But my thoughts still go back to your lips
While I dream of my hands on your hips

There’s no words for how this feels
Knowing your love is the same as mine
When I can’t even listen to your voice
And all the words exchanged are typed

Phones in our hands strolling out in the night
I tell you I need you, you type out my name
The Moon bearing down is our only light
A thousand miles apart, but the sky is the same.

Best Thing

Dust covered shelves 

Holding pennies from wells

Fishing line dreams that can be cast

Pictures from someone else’s past
All the movies that I’ve seen

All the lyrics I can sing

All the meanings I’ve gleaned

You’re still my best thing.
Gifts unwrapped before smiling eyes

Failures gained after a million tries

Collections built by dollars spent

Words taken opposite of what meant
All the miles that have gone by

All the golden leaves fallen from trees

All the wrinkles formed around my eyes

You’re still the best thing that’s happened to me.

Always There

So many rights

wrongs and lefts

Thunderstorms gather and hit me full on

I’ve done nothing but invite the rain

You’re always there, always there

I’ve fallen down

jumped and ran

Disasters roll in and erode my shores

I can’t see anything at times but the pain

Your eyes are there, always there

I hope I can catch you just once during a crash

though your hands are callused and bruised from my own falls

I’ve got nows that are as rough as my pasts

but you’re still patching up the cracks in my walls

I hope you can know my heart is as strong

anchored as much in love as yours proves to be

I need you to see I want to lift you up for long

Longer than you ever shall really need to be

I’ve seen mirrors

clear picture there

Not happy with what’s looking back at me

but your’e  still standing their behind the rain

You’re always there, always there.


I know there’s times I’m a cold blue

and the worry and the ghostly rage

spin up in a hungry riptide pulling me away

or the sadness can com

and the kindling flickers up

making my fire flare in some dark way


but look at me

that face is not for you


You don’t deserve what seems to be coming

out of every pore of my skin

You’ve got nothing to do

for the maelstrom I’ve found myself in


and it’s on me

that it’s on you


but look at me now

this face is now for you


the one with the smiles and the laughter

and the tears that don’t come from that other place

Yes this visage I wear is the one for you

the one that I need to stay on my face….



You Rain On Me

You’ve rearranged the plastic letters

on this refrigerator door

Smoke doesn’t blow around the room

the way it did before


and I can’t breathe if I don’t know

where you’re going to be

and I can’t come up with a way

to describe what my eyes see


But there’s a million words for what I’m  thinking

when you rain on me


Hot like wax under the wick

and going up like Fahrenheit 451

skin grows pink and I feel searing

like something thin that’s left in the sun


and I don’t think straight

when your curves bend my view

my mind spins like a world learning

things that are old can become new


but there’s a million sensations I’m feeling

when I’m rained on by you


It’s love and brains and lust and fondness

rolled up in a blanket and lit aflame

crackling, smoldering, and sparking into smile

of familiarity and want and desire’s refrain


only thing that can bring the release to this heavenly burn

is when your skies open and bring the rain





No Poise

Theres a pride earned

When that smile is earned
by me
A gift from god to hear that breath
“you’re funny!”
I still have to pinch myself when that touch comes from you
Because every time you lay on hands
It feels brand new
And making love to you
Is like holding an angel
Lightning strike, you grabbing tight
It’s a choir on high when you make that little noise
I really haven’t any poise
You miss me when the door closes
You feel the things I seem to be so familiar with
There’s a pride earned
In knowing I have you
But a heaven sent burn
Knowing you feel that too….


I’ve had days

days that burned

burned like walking on the sun


Damn, if I couldn’t get away

from those monsters

no matter how hard I’d run


I tried to find the easy way out of those days

was ready to face the other side and walk on through

But now I know as bad as any days can be

There’s one thing I’ve discovered to be true


The sunniest possible day I could ever have on my own

I’d rather take those stormy days with you


I could be spending all of my time

hanging in luxury, spending money

surrounded by glimmer, drinking wine


I’d rather have strife, destruction, and pain

wounds, fear, horror, nightmares, and rain

as long as you’re laying by my side


I’d have to paint a  picture for someone

in some inks and canvas that only I can figure out

to explain to the world what  I know to be true

beyond a shadow of a goddamn doubt


That I’ve learned that love is a gift

a breeze

that ruffles your hair, and wakes you up


Mine comes on hot days


And that painting would show that

days of wine and roses

and festivals of smiles

wouldn’t mean a single thing

if you weren’t  there

through the miles



Photos on beaches, amusement park rides

vacation festivities and holiday strides

People don’t get it, but it’s true


because what are others’ glorious summer days

are my winter days with you



I wake up, roll over, and look in your Eyes.

Every morning, no matter my life’s station

I see and feel you every day of my life

and know that I’m on vacation……