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How do I?

How do I describe a person

that reigns in my fears and my guilt

other than the foundation

on which true love is built

And how do I explain what I’m feeling every time I hear her voice

the anxiety and static from my every day

are silenced

and replaced with nothing but joy

and I can’t look at her picture

without tears in my eyes

because saying something has more beauty

is simply an outright lie

so I move forward with a smile

thanks to her I can now breathe

and how do I make her know

that she is all I need.


I’d rather live with your memory

than never have loved you at all

for a minute or two

alone with you

would easily be worth my fall


A second or two with your eyes

foreheads connected with sighs

I’d give everything

for a moment to sing

not recorded but before you alive


Don’t mistake my infatuation

as anything other than my life

because my connection to you is perfection

and I’ve never felt more alive


So take my words to heart

and know they are the truth

cause my life is just a short story

that begins and ends with you

I Still

I still feel my heartbeat race

waiting for her to pick up the phone

I still lie in the bed at night

wondering if she’s missing me when she’s alone

I still feel my chest thump

when she uses the right words

I still stumble over myself

when my text tone is heard

I still dream of the moment

when our foreheads finally touch

I still stare at that first photo

wondering if her beauty is too much

I still dream of that day

that she will carry my last name

I still know she’s the only one

who’s had my love in her aim


It was a kind of cruise control

a hole burned in my soul

and a pain in my chest

stops and starts of tears

sweat falling into gears

blood filling in the rest

always heard her words

though I wasn’t blessed with her voice

she was balm on my burns

and I hated myself for waiting to make a choice

crying myself to sleep

too hurt to count the sheep

that were laughing at me

I fell in love so deep

there were pains in my eyes that would seep

there was nothing else I could see

then her words became a light

and her hair became my dreams

her eyes followed me day and night

one time in her arms, no more ignoring my need

a light on my pillow bright

came from the photo on my phone

til the fading of my own light

gave me the courage to make her my own

she’s healing

and I’m feeling

the bruises start to fade

and I’m learning

no longer burning

and I will never walk away

Missing You In the Dark


Sleeping takes time
when the one thing on your mind
just happens to be you

I turn my head
and the sheets on this bed
have a cold my body heat can’t cut through

and I’ve made it so my rest
carries only your scent
and now I smell like you

I turn my head
and the moonlight sheds
a glow that only makes me blue

Yes, sleeping’s a dread
lying in a bed
that doesn’t contain you

and the clock says two
am I on your mind
or are you sleeping through?

I’m gonna close my eyes
It’s you I visualize
but that is nothing new

I’m awake and waiting on you….

…and I rip this bedspread up
tear the sheets into strips
lying here alone, an empty cup
kiss at the ready, for your lips

I’m awake and burning for you….

I’m sending part of me out…
staring into the sky tonight
cigarette in hand, looking straight up
embers and the stars equally bright

Will I be getting that part back?

I don’t know where it’s going
streaking across the black evening
I only know it came from down low in the middle
It was a melancholy that I’d been feeling.

Is it going away?

the night’s soul broadcast is over
no deposit and no return
so this night I sent out my soul and my heart
that no one’s claimed, and no one’s earned

and tomorrow night, I’ll do it again.


For Frances….she of the eyes, the laugh, the heart of swirling kindness. She who has the ability to reach in, and pull one out of the depths. She who loves….She who is the warmth…

facial expression.
frozen in time.
eyes and a smile.
I wanted for mine.
and she’s so beautiful….
and she smells divine.
how do I explain.
what’s going through my mind.
I kept seeing it.
like a repeating entity.
smile, aroma, embrace.
heaven on earth.
heaven on earth, her grace.
don’t want to walk away.
don’t want to go.
don’t want to forget her.
don’t want to ever let her go
and she’s so beautiful.
how do I explain.
what happened that night.
how do I explain.
love at first sight.

How do I explain what I saw in her face?

Heaven on Earth,

Heaven on Earth, her grace.

heaven on earth, her grace.


They come in messages
electronic form
little glimpses of her countenance
windswept dreams
I see her eyes, her smile
her lips
maybe a little more
am I worthy of these windswept dreams?
that she sends me
little gifts for only me to see
she’s so beautiful
and she makes me weak
and I love her forever
It’s all just for me
and when the world twists itself
so angry and so deep black
I look at the windswept dreams
that she sends me
and I will be okay
I’ve been blessed today
I put them in my pocket
they’re all mine and I keep them close
to my heart and my soul
to my body
these windswept dreams
keep me close

It’s no secret,

and it’s never been
she can make me weak
make me believe again

and when she sighs
she is all I need

and her voice
soothes my raging soul
and stokes my fire
I feel at ease
while craving with desire

and when she makes that little noise
I just cannot breathe

she’s shown herself to me
inside and out
I’ve offered up myself
with no shade of doubt

and when she laughs
I think there may be a god.

and her eyes make me stone
her body is stormy weather
she kissed my lips in a dream
and made it all better
she kissed my life while I was awake
and made it all better
if you ask me when it ends
the answer is simply never

she made love to my soul
while she held my heart together
and when she tells me she loves me
I know I will live forever….

Heaven Knows?

Heaven knows

Does it…if it does, I would like clarification

some rules, regs, and subsections

on how to live, love, work, hate, and die

in no particular order

Give me a hint, sell me a clue

manual, rulebook, tutorial

on waking up, kissing hello/goodbye, off for daily bread

Give me tech support please

so I can do this with a smile

and a contented heart,

for now, and thanks to someone else

I’m just learning how…..