For Frances….she of the eyes, the laugh, the heart of swirling kindness. She who has the ability to reach in, and pull one out of the depths. She who loves….She who is the warmth…

facial expression.
frozen in time.
eyes and a smile.
I wanted for mine.
and she’s so beautiful….
and she smells divine.
how do I explain.
what’s going through my mind.
I kept seeing it.
like a repeating entity.
smile, aroma, embrace.
heaven on earth.
heaven on earth, her grace.
don’t want to walk away.
don’t want to go.
don’t want to forget her.
don’t want to ever let her go
and she’s so beautiful.
how do I explain.
what happened that night.
how do I explain.
love at first sight.

How do I explain what I saw in her face?

Heaven on Earth,

Heaven on Earth, her grace.

heaven on earth, her grace.