It’s no secret,

and it’s never been
she can make me weak
make me believe again

and when she sighs
she is all I need

and her voice
soothes my raging soul
and stokes my fire
I feel at ease
while craving with desire

and when she makes that little noise
I just cannot breathe

she’s shown herself to me
inside and out
I’ve offered up myself
with no shade of doubt

and when she laughs
I think there may be a god.

and her eyes make me stone
her body is stormy weather
she kissed my lips in a dream
and made it all better
she kissed my life while I was awake
and made it all better
if you ask me when it ends
the answer is simply never

she made love to my soul
while she held my heart together
and when she tells me she loves me
I know I will live forever….