It was a kind of cruise control

a hole burned in my soul

and a pain in my chest

stops and starts of tears

sweat falling into gears

blood filling in the rest

always heard her words

though I wasn’t blessed with her voice

she was balm on my burns

and I hated myself for waiting to make a choice

crying myself to sleep

too hurt to count the sheep

that were laughing at me

I fell in love so deep

there were pains in my eyes that would seep

there was nothing else I could see

then her words became a light

and her hair became my dreams

her eyes followed me day and night

one time in her arms, no more ignoring my need

a light on my pillow bright

came from the photo on my phone

til the fading of my own light

gave me the courage to make her my own

she’s healing

and I’m feeling

the bruises start to fade

and I’m learning

no longer burning

and I will never walk away