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Deep in that heart of yours

is the happiness you say only I could give

and somewhere in this soul of mine

is a gift you gave me, the will to live


and if we look at each other

something shows in the nervous smiles

the looks and the grins

strong, though separated by miles


I now get to look at that face

bearing the shine you say I gave

oh, how I reflect back the blush and humility

created by you, even as you called me brave


These are signs and evidence

of chemistry and attraction so strong

and though it took me so long to say it

our hands will touch before long…..


Reflected Hearts

I look at you through the glass

you see me through the eye

I want to reach through,  make you go with me

run with me through the grass and leaves

bid the troubles and strife goodbye


Looking at you every night

is an honor and a gift

goosebumps raised on my skin by your smile

a need to kiss your lips


I’m rewarded with a smile and a shy look away

as the camera pulls in my grin

oh, how you glow back at me

look at you,  sweet angel,

I am all in


There’s no resisting that left hand

covered by a sleeve

the bare right resting on top

the roll of the eyes when I say the right thing

I don’t want it to ever stop


Thank you for the nightly gift you give

a glance at heaven true

for I can then fall asleep in peace

rewarded with an image of you.

Duly Noted….

I Can’t Believe

I’ve known who you are

wondered what you felt

since I read your first words

had to have your heart

had to feel your kiss


Being without you really hurts


and seeing your soul alight

feeling passion at a height

created a question or two;

I can’t believe

No one offered the world to you

I can’t believe

No one lifted you up high

to the clouds, to the sky

so you could see the rest of the angels

and shine your beautiful light



So then I came to the point

Where that one had to be me

who offered you a hand

a place for you to stand

and I could boost you up

So all those out there could let you know

how beautifully you glow.

Making it my life’s mission

for miracle, you are my starlight

and on a pedestal you must go.

“Don’t all these taxis you’re diverting have plans too? huh? How long are you gonna keep that up? Twenty minutes? An hour? Wow, the ripples must just be endless! I don’t care what you put in my way, I’m not givin’ up!”


Sometimes, you just know.


Kept Silent


I had a tendency

to wear my heart on my sleeve

telling the world what I see

despite expecting it to leave


But I kept the holes close to the vest

hiding them made them less vulnerable

kept my head down at night under the water and steam

and hoped for something wonderful


searching the sky and praying to an uncertain god

wondering if I should think I was worth it

if I was deserving of some look, some touch

if there was a way to unearth it


under a parallel sky she walked

wondering about me

hinting toward me

wanting what I was

Which was the thing I could not see…..








There’s no feeling I can recall

wrapped in quilt, phone at the ear,

hanging on your words, each and all….

physical reaction, unfiltered and pure.


Love is not a strong enough word.


There’s a rising in my chest

a want to know all

a tad obsessed perhaps,

but at your beck and call…


I love how you love me

and how you love the way I adore you

you need me, and you want me

and, oh, you let it pour through


Love is not a good enough word.


There’s an intoxication here

and a beautiful pull

we hold each other, oh so dear

and there is never any sort of lull.

Visual Message of Love

A Part of Me


As I walk

As I talk

As I breathe

You’re every bit a part of me

as the hair that I grow

and the eyes that guide me wherever I go

and the hands that hold yours in mine

and the brain that thinks of you all the time


I can’t imagine

what it would feel like

if I didn’t belong to you


I don’t want to know

how a day would go

if I didn’t have your voice to look forward to


So please know, when you see my face

deep inside my heart will race

at the thought that no matter where I may be

you are indeed and always will be part of me.


Those Who Know, Nod

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love become as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”

–Bruce Lee

I’ve said it before,

there’s no way to say it

What I’m feeling

How we are pulled together


There’s no definition for this

no way to explain it

We are just two souls

happily and eternally tethered


So few know

what this is like

and those that do

it shows in their eyes


You don’t have to tell them

There’s no diagrams to bring

they smile and they nod

for they’ve felt the very same thing



I have interrogated myself

trying to define this to be true

but the evidence is in

and I’m just in love with you


It may be a chemical reaction

or two hearts beating at the same rate

but,  God help me, there’s no expression

that defines the word “soulmate”.