I still remember the quiver

knees shaking, cell phone in hand

Would I have the courage to type it

or just continue to sweat here where I stand….


so many things I find beautiful

from your heart to your smile

so many ways to say it to you

the leap I was to take felt like a mile


and I hesitated….I texted some words

as my chest rocked me, and my breath was sharp

they fluttered from my keyboard like wild birds

but they weren’t quite right, fell short of the mark


and I regrouped, re-thought,

as if one lost in a maze

and a gorgeous opportunity presented itself

just down the road, a matter of days


and she said
“I think I may cry”

and I replied, “Please don’t cry…I don’t want you to cry…would it help if I said I love you?”

and she said

“I love you. I wish you were here to hold me.”

and I was alive again, all the beating and pumping my heart had done in anticipation during the previous weeks. The probing questions, the need to know. The need to tell her.

It all came to fruition….

I needed to comfort her, but she said it back….and it felt so good.

We both had darkness to overcome, and through it together our light shined….