I look at you through the glass

you see me through the eye

I want to reach through,  make you go with me

run with me through the grass and leaves

bid the troubles and strife goodbye


Looking at you every night

is an honor and a gift

goosebumps raised on my skin by your smile

a need to kiss your lips


I’m rewarded with a smile and a shy look away

as the camera pulls in my grin

oh, how you glow back at me

look at you,  sweet angel,

I am all in


There’s no resisting that left hand

covered by a sleeve

the bare right resting on top

the roll of the eyes when I say the right thing

I don’t want it to ever stop


Thank you for the nightly gift you give

a glance at heaven true

for I can then fall asleep in peace

rewarded with an image of you.