pulled into the concrete tower box

wheels roll to a halt,  airplanes overhead

and my heart pounds as I open the driver side

knowing the next time it closes on this car

two hearts will beat inside


vision clear, the world is a bigger place today

I can’t make this silly smile go away

checking arrivals

all on schedule

and I can’t breathe


End of the concourse, an hour early

Starbucks has something to offer surely

throw her mom a text

because Chicago’s in and she’s up next

and I can’t sit down for more than a second or two


I stand rooted to the floor

I see her from a hundred yards away

and she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

I hit “record”  on my memory, next to the key to “play”

because I need to prove this is no dream

We head back to RED3E where her chariot awaits

my humble vehicle,  second one today that is  made of dreams

and next to me now is the smell of heaven

that proves to me life is nowhere near as bad as it seems…..