I’ve read lines like it before in books

heard it whispered on the silver screen

Never gave it credence or a second look

because I never connected it to reality


and in the films of romance,

“I never knew it could be like this”


I rolled my eyes, for I did not believe

thought the words merely the stuff of dreams

and so I cast my fate to a somber breeze

and hoped it would see fit to set me free


and in the glowing words of sonnets,

“I never knew I could feel this way”


My heartbeat slowed, and my sight grew dim

trudging along, in a robotic funk

wondering whose life I had settled in

feeling like a surrounded ship, waiting to be sunk


and sung in the teary joyful song,

“I never knew how it could be”


But contact can be made

lit up screens late at night

tiny words on hand held devices

can bring hearts back to life


Another can indeed light and stoke a flame

make you shiver at the sound of her name

occupy your thoughts, inhabit your dreams

Lift you up, removing your pain


“What is this that I’m feeling?”


and the lips press together as never before, a new thing you feel

breathless nature and gasping eyes

just because you don’t recognize it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real

and the feeling is truth, better than someone’s written lies


“It can and will be like this forever”