A year validated in one wrap of the arms

happy feeling the sweater static on my palms

scent, eyes, and embrace again

this is how it added up

this is how comfortable we are,

never a doubt, from the  inside out

an hour in the kitchen,  and life is worth living

erased every thought, but the ones of you

You looked up at me, I down at you

Letting go was a chance

one neither of us was willing to take,

not at this moment

as I backed up against the countertop, my arms holding tighter

no kiss, just your cheek to my chest

never mind the rest

just contentment, a recheck of the eyes

foreheads doing what we knew they would do

I was never more comfortable than I was with you

Never brought to focus and balance

than when you’re arms came around

and I reached out with mine

everything was as if it were timed

every word had a rhyme

we were just fine…..