Babe, I couldn’t  wait
til you typed what you had to say next
I just told you I loved you
my breathing stopped until I got your text….

I closed my eyes as it vibrated, and exhaled….

….and she loved me too
10 months of wondering
sleeping in pain
now I smile all the way through

What is next, how do we move?

Now we were in uncharted waters
navigating through uncertainty
illicit conversations when we were both free
texting from corners, where others eyes can’t see

It grew fast, out of control
from an undecided status to knowing
without a shadow of a doubt
that together is the only way we were going

We had to shake loose, break some ties
stumbling out of unhappiness through it’s cold door
accused of wrong, maybe snubbed for lies
She’s all I wanted, would accept no less, no more

It’s amazing how fast we brought out hands together
made decisions, and all the storms we weathered
that heavy fog is burning off, and the sky is clearing
the day we blend together is quickly nearing.