so tell me true,

How does it feel, to know

you hold the key to someone else’s lock

You’re the stage manager

of his complicated show

to know he can’t make decisions

in which you are in no way involved

that without your guiding lifelight

none of his mysteries would be solved


That in the short time you’ve been around

You’ve kept his ship from running aground


It has to be a satisfying sensation

to know you’ve returned a decades-dead smile

to a sheen,  a luster displayed on his face

that people he’s known all of his life

wonder about it’s history, one they need to trace

it has to feel so good

to realize a soul hundreds of miles away

owes his life to you

forever, and not just this day


Tell me it feels good to have the knowledge you carry

Of this man, and the pain he’s decided to bury….