from the moment I first took in her scent

saw her eyes, the look she lent

I had already been addicted to the way my eyes see

the way she worried about me.


Now I feel her hair in my face in the gloom

dark brown, somehow as dark as the room

I never knew how good I could feel, breathless

the way she lets me hold her, 4 am in Texas


I have never known this, what she wants to do

it’s all so overwhelming, all so goddamn new

I can’t breathe, or keep my face straight and rigid

She waits for my heart, keeps my soul from going frigid


The pull, from her to me, from myself to she

There’s no denying the attraction, no calling the love fancy free

I have never seen anything undeniable, or felt this kind of real

I feel myself strengthening


like a downhill rolling wheel…..


towards what I wanted to be, always wished to feel.