Life has always had a way

of making me look over my shoulder

checking the exits and entrances

making me feel so much older


It’s dealt out blows since I was a kid

one after the other, on top of the first

Life had a way of turning  smiles to doubt

Losing my fear of death’s kiss


But the bad isn’t so bad any more

because everything that transpires

must pass before or through her now

and she makes it easier, she puts out fires


The drama and the hooded beings

that came for me in the night

I am not seeing them any more

I am losing my dread, my hatred, my fright


I can live to fight another day

because she sheds light on the darkest nights

I am prepared, somehow to say

I can deal and exist instead of fight


and I have my smile again

this time it isn’t faked or displayed

she is the filter all things past through

and I am less and less afraid….