I’ve been known a time or two

to go back to that sad place….

“don’t do that” she says…

fingerprint smeared with salty tear….

hands brushing back the lock

her own eyes locked on mine…


there’s walls in here, guarding a monster or two

a mind that opens closet doors, letting them out

manufactured scenarios fly like debris in the breeze

expecting the worst case scenario without a doubt


I’ve been known a time or two

to make that red-cheeked sad face

“are you okay, honey” she says….

angelic smile beckoning me back…..

soul kissing mine, warming me up

her forehead connected to mine


For once, it’s heaven out here

my mind feels a bandage applied

manufactured scenarios told to hush

the worst case scenario has gone to die


“For the first time in 25 years, I don’t feel like I’m alone….”

-David Norris

“The Adjustment Bureau”