I notice things,

and things do spark

her eyes caught me

despite being brown in the dark

and a scent

not in the air

but belonging to her

stopped heart, felt as if I were dared

I notice things

the first words she wrote

electronic compassion

keyboard, message, note

and the first phone call

nearly killed me

try to breath while drowning

then you will see

what it’s like to say what you’ve only thought, only typed…..


I notice things

it’s hard not to

when a presence demands you

attention head to toe and through

you walk away

head down, bleeding from the eyes

and the heart, it seems,

the stab of goodbye…

what it’s like to say what you’ve never wanted to say….

I notice things

without her, there’s no color

sound is flat, food has no taste

I began to smother

from the beginning

into her pocket

I was grabbed, folded and inserted

and did nothing to stop it

for I did not want to.

it was immediate.

it was Instant.