No matter how far I sit in the shadows

or the distance from in them I came

you have always listened and reached out

even on days when I’ve cursed my own name


Like Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

you’re always there, always the same

wipe away tears, tell I’m good enough

even when the rules have changed in the game


I can always make you out in the dark

always see you, no matter how hard in rains

The demons that haunt me, the ones that taunt me

they don’t bother you, nor does my pain….


You’re never afraid to speak yourself clean

never afraid when I circle the drain

You cry with me, hold on with me

we look together, you assure me it won’t stain…


and it never has, because of you

never will, you chase away the blue…

you’re the vine I reach for when the rapids increase

you’re the rung I reach for when the hold has been breached

you’ve saved my life more times than I can count

I hope I’m your life preserver just once if  your troubles mount….


forever always there like minerals under crawling streams

like ancient  sands on the beach reflecting the sun’s sheen

like the mountains that only disappear when they themselves decide it’s time

like the sky, always there, always beautiful, always mine…..