The more time I spend with her

the more I need her

the more time I spend without her

the more I have to see her


It’s never changed, only grown stronger

I never want to leave, no urge to wander

I don’t feel the pain of her going home any longer

but I don’t believe absence makes the heart grow fonder


Because I’m with her every day now

and I still miss her like hell when she’s not here


And she may never know what she looks like

through my own eyes

And as long as she’s okay with that

I sure as hell can continue to try


Because it still feels as good as day one

when I first said it, and thought I would melt

and that feeling became ten-fold

when she expressed how she felt


Everything I do

is for us, for her

because without her there’s no me


I can’t separate myself from her grace

wouldn’t want to try

or see how it would be.


Because I would give up heaven

to spend what’s left of me with her

and there’s no way you can convince me

that eternity could be better….


It’s as good as day one.