There’s a lot of flaws in the mirror today

there always was.

I’m rough around the edges,

but she sands me down…..


I’ve been a mess, I’ve been to the edge,

she pulled me back from looking down

she doesn’t understand what I was doing

it never stops her love from coming around.


and she cocks her head, and wants to know

where I’ve been, and where I came from

she searches for cracks, and breaks within

and fixes them all,  ’til the pain numbs….


and there’s so many ways that I am harsh

I came alone, wind burnt,  cement frown

rough around the edges to a fault

but she sands me down


she’s beautiful, she’s charming, classy, shining bright

so much I’ve never said, things I don’t know, I feel unkempt

and her grace doesn’t mind, as her eyes glow while she smiles

fingertips on my cheeks, sandpaper on my edges….


A wounded animal taken in

spiritually speaking, and also on the exterior

her passions burn away my doubt, her hands my roughness

but she doesn’t make me feel inferior


she fixes me, every day, every night

I’m no longer seeking ledges

her eyes and hair dark, but emitting light

she sands down my edges…..