There’s a time, every now and then

You want something to hit you hard

front center, direct


There are days, here and there

You don’t want to play guessing games

have it come correct


There were moments, from time to time

I wanted absolute flawlessness

try to touch perfect


she’s a menthol throat

she’s a rug burn


and in that energy, she’s defect free


and she’s a shock to the system

always was and still is

breathing is tough in the most wonderful way

I’ve never had sleep keep me awake

Until her, was never obsessed with the end of the day


and she’s lightning and ice water

is right now and always will be

goosebumps from her name, in the most beautiful way

I’ve never been infatuated with it all being “okay”

Until her, I’ve never been willing to pay for another way


to smell her

to see her

before me


She’s adrenaline

She’s a blow to the teeth

in the most wonderful way

Like Dean Martin said

ain’t love a kick

I’ll take it every day