I’ve not forgotten the delicate flower

that was the balance of hanging on

the coldness of sweat

and the moist heat of tears

and the nerve racking days dragging on


or how I wanted to soldier for you


And I know how good I have it

dark or light, good or bad

as I am lying next to you

smelling your skin and hair

I can’t help but feel nothing but glad


and I need to be bolder for you


I will never take for granted

who you are and who you’ve been

I’ve seen the light in your eyes

Felt the pain of your goodbye

and bringing that back would be a sin


and I am the heart holder for you


This is a kind of heaven

one I’d give all other eternities for

I need to take a look around

See it there, stand my ground

and know I need nothing more


and continue to grow older with you