I’ve felt the sting of reaching

the thud of wondering

neither one is something I need to feel again


Oh, I know what I’ve got

and I need her every day

I don’t want the sweat and the tears again


She’s like an olive skinned genie

who knows what it  is I need

possessing the answers to my questions

I want her to myself

and she doesn’t begrudge me my greed


A dizziness that overcomes me

a shaking in my spine

A mystery presented only to me

I did everything I could to solve

and she’s since become mine


She’s fine with everything

that’s wrong with me


I’ve never felt what she does

with lightning, with the sky

She’s in control with her eyes

I’ve never been here before

Must be what it’s like to be high


I’ll do what I need to hold on

Letting go is never a choice

Slow motion, flying brunette hair

quiet laugh with her whole body

and I feel like one of her toys


She’s fine with everything

that’s wrong with me


She’s undertow

and I’m going down

I’m wearing a smile

as light reflects off her crown


through the blue deepening water

she smiles down at me

and I will sink with happiness

as long as this is her sea.