So many years cursing the skies

and the eyes of those up there in them

educated by the books and the robes

belief in all of that quickly thinning


because if they didn’t take away

then they let it be that way


but I’m coming around a corner

because in a world of dirt and violence and flames

somehow there is still you

and a world of touch, and beauty, and receding pain

and I’m not doubting just the same



I’m starting to think there may be

more to the sky than just rain


because if there’s a heaven

then you came from within it

and if it’s always been turning there

someone had to spin it


the world’s turned black before

and gnarled hands have reached from beyond twisted doors

but somehow your eyes, and your touch,

and your quiet, silent laugh

shined a light out on the moors


So maybe God’s gained one on the table today

when the surgeon’s tools were all but put away

and the needless anesthesia began to fade

funeral arrangements so close to being made


God owes you one,

I’ve found heaven in your arms.