Some might say I was chasing a dream

I say I followed my heart

some might say I took what didn’t belong to me

I say I was hers from the start


and I may have been bold

to do what I did

but the tears told me something else


I did what I had to do

because life without her was hell.


I’ve heard her tell me I was brave

I say I said what had to be said

I’ve heard some ask how it happened

It was because I couldn’t get her out of my head


and I may have been crazy

to take such a leap

but the heartbeat told me truth


I did what I had to do

There are soulmates, and we’re the proof


There have been those that say I’ve changed

I say I am definitely not the same

There have been many who say I’ve lost years

the answer I give is her name


and I may have been reckless

when I kicked through the glass

but there was no other way, I know


I did what I had to do

I pulled her close, and I’ll never let go