She’s asked for another skeleton key

on her ring

for the closet door she hasn’t opened yet

I will look for it, it’s covered with dust

in a drawer somewhere

I guess the future hasn’t been set


I’ve been assured

I don’t have to be alone anymore

but I want to have something waiting for her

on the other side of that closet door


Gifts have been given

and my soul has risen

and I’m feeling more confident everyday


But I need to give back

for of these priceless things I can’t keep track

I want her to need me somehow, someway


So when she opens this closet door

to see the skeletons that are hiding inside

I know she’s seen all there is to see

of me, deep down, far and wide


And she wants to do all that she can

to help me fix myself up and stand

she needs me strong, breathing and right

able to reach out, grab hold and fight


So when I look in the mirror tonight

I do believe I’ll see a lucky man

for the skeleton key I’m placing in her palm this day


is the last one there is to set in her hand.