I never thanked a period of time

for anything it’s ever done.

They’re just the calendars way

of signifying the trip around the sun

But, just now I can easily say

my outlook has turned anew

I can look at the weeks and months gone by

and thank today for you


You’re birthday’s here again

and I’m glad to celebrate it with you

holding your hand and looking in your eyes

believing the reason for gifts is true

I never held much admiration for the stars

or the timekeeping marked everyday by the news

but the need for a watch is more important

because I am thanking today for you


Happy birthday, my love

The day that is today in a year gone by

Was when the earth saw you as brand new


Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl….

The day that is today in the here and now

I am thanking it with a smile for you



I love you, Frances Marie.