set out just after noon
electronic devices, fourteen hour swoon
waiting for dusk to take the squint away

and i still wouldn’t stop

because you’ve been 967 miles away for too damn long

and I’ve held you close with my words,
mouthpieces, keyboards, and my voice
waiting for time to take the longing away

and I never stopped

but you’d been 967 miles away for too damn long

and you came to me when the cold was hammer hard
the three best days of my goddamn life
and I waited for time to take the pain away

and I wouldn’t be stopped

for you were 967 miles away again, and it was too damn long

so the fates conspired with and against me
pushing me forward with a stab in the back
and I ran to you like a thief in the night
waiting for the miles to be spit out behind me
to run into that garage door to your arms

to feel it again
as you took all the pain away

and I came for you, eyes piercing, body pushing forward, knuckles gripping the vinyl of the steering wheel

and I never stopped

for you’re no longer 967 miles away,
it took so damn long
but I’m here now, and I will protect you,
and hold you

kiss your tears as your prevent mine

20 months of wanting, and I belong to you…..

967 miles gone.