No matter what happens,

We’re going to be alright

because we’ve been meant to be

since you saw your first day

and i felt my first night


Nothing so obvious

or as noticeable

as the ink on my wrist

but when we looked back

and found the subtle links

my lips ached to be kissed


and when you respond

to the touch I give

with lightning strikes of your own

you’ve laid the path

that’s right next to mine

We can’t breathe, and this we’ve never known


How many ways

have we found

just misses, similarities, and common grounds

I’ve been amazed

as we’ve spun round

sharp breaths, uncontrolled motion, and burning down


There’s passion in the knowing

heat that starts glowing

when I think of how close we came to being

It excites me greatly

as we’ve spoken lately

of the unraveled mysteries we’re seeing


We’ve loved each other since before we’ve met

and craved each other at first sight

I can get shaky, short of breath, and dizzy

thinking of sparks of our matches struck in the night


And knowing we almost crossed paths before

or at the very least should have most certainly

The road signs of commonalities mark our past


Somehow cements my reaching for you


Despite the “short” time that we’ve been together

I feel like I’ve indeed known you forever

and our sweat and cries break down the facts


Baby Girl,…. your grace,….. we’re far from new