I made her laugh

and she did it quietly

over the phone a million times


But when she’s near me

and I make her laugh now

it damn near makes me cry


because it’s still quiet like a whisper

that she does with her whole body

But if I do that in her presence

she wraps her arms around me


and she says she’s never laughed like she does with me

and that fact would make me sad

if it didn’t make me so damn happy


She holds me like she’s thanking me

for drawing out the sounds

that I only heard over the phone before


and I can’t wait to hear it again

her sweet laughter spinning around

she crouches over, she smiles so hard,

and I can’t ask for anything more


I can only put my face

in her hair as she laughs in my chest

at the things I say, the voices I make

never mind the troubles,

forget all the rest


Because this is what I was meant to do

currency is that grin,

that “you’re funny”

that comes out broken up


She pays me in full

and I am so wealthy

oh, how “you’re funny”

fills my cup.