How do you say thank you

without saying thank you

because I’ve said it so many times before


It drives me crazy, turns my stomach a little

because it seems as though I’m saying things

I’ve said a million times, with more in store


But, goddamn it, I’m not


For a man with a million words

It looks like I’m coming back to the same 2 or 3

But that’s if you’re listening

and failing to see


oh, and it’s frustrating

make no mistake

trying to make her see what she thinks she sees

No fate but what I make


(that fate’s in my own mind)….she wants me to let myself off the hook again


I create my own damnations that haven’t started flaming yet

and she forgives me

before I burn


Why do I make it so hard on myself

when she makes it so easy


Because she roots for me

and she lets the little things go


Once there was dirt under my nails

from filling it all in

she’s washed my hands

…….   I just need to stop making them dirty again.


I think I know now, that I need not fear my own destruction

because it doesn’t exist in her mind

I may not be perfect, and she knows it

okay with her, needs to be okay with me this time


Just another reason among many

No doubts here, just unfiltered truth

because I have to reach into my bag of words

and find another way to say thank you


because she’s saved me again.