Hair so dark

when it hangs down it leaves a canopy,

and I swear to God I see stars in it….

Eyes  so dark

they somehow catch and reflect light within,

and I swear to God there’s peace within them


So dark, but her smile, it brightens the world


and the skin has an amber tone

smooth to the touch

laughter that brings tingles to my own

sometimes just short of too much.


she gives of herself

and she gives herself to me

I see and feel this beauty

I wish I could make her see


That I know what indescribable means now.

crushed up paper balls, and pens without ink

trying to show her how I see her

til there’s no more words that I can think…..


So the deep breaths I take

when she moves just a little bit

when her foot touches mine


when fingernails dance

on my wrist, where her name is borne,

when her eyes roll to the right

when her smile brings the room to light

the deep breaths I take

will have to be words enough


“The best picture ever taken of the most glorious sunset ever seen

doesn’t hold a candle to you…..”  Rob Will,  August 2011…..