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The Flower

Our love is one of those flowers,
Strong and a sight,
Give it sun, careful it with shade
And it needs to be handled right
It needs water, but not the tears that can be made,
So give me time to know,
I can turn it in my hand,
Watching the petals glow,
knowing we’re safe,
There’s nowhere else you want to go,
As delicate as it is,
It’s strong enough to grow on its own,
Without my bleeding fears of the unknown.
It will hold, as will I, as will you,
This piece of us forever…
Steadfast and strong,
Gorgeous, the only thing more beautiful is you.

And I don’t want to hold it so tight
That the petals fall
The stem grows weak

I’ve come to the knowledge this night
That it grows before me
I can look and see

And bask in the colors that flourish
Without touching with overlook
Or over thinking with harsh hands

It’s a forever flower
From a forever garden
Tended by you and me

Finding Home

Like quieting a baby
Like deep breaths as I lay on the floor
I spend too much time pondering the sound
Long after the slamming of the door

I hold onto moments
Gripping so tight
That’s heaven when reminiscing
But it’s Hell on earth when things have kept me up at night

no one’s hurting me now

In order to take that hand
You have to let something go.

Justice is reciprocal
Retribution is patient
I can’t carry those weights
For those I need indifference

Stepping into the love that’s been offered to my existence
Don’t question my own worthiness
Don’t show it resistance

Drop all the blackness
Let go of the hatred
At the least don’t let it define me

Let her take me in, and feel it her way
See things the way she wants me to see

To feel peace within her

Just her and me….

Hello, there!!

I know I say I’m sorry too much
Apologizing when there’s no need
Taking a left when I should go right
You tell me it’s okay, always alright

But I truly regret
Not taking your hand when we were but kids
Showing you how special you are
How I wouldve seen you even with closed eyelids

I’m sorry no one set you up high
Where you always deserved to be
Held you above all reproach
No one viewed you the way I see

I do so seek to defend your honor
Wish for you to know what you deserve so much
I guess all I can hope to do is love you with all I am
With my heart, my words, my actions, and my touch

Im sorry I didnt find you all those years ago
When we were so close in years and miles
So I could have let you know from the word “go”
That you were one in a million, and born to smile.

I love you.

She had smiled
Somehow I could feel it in her text
Or hear it in her long distance voice
She said she wanted to take away all the pain
Take care of me, love me all the way through
Make me feel as if I had a choice
There’s no way to explain
A person who loves you
Even when you’re in pain
Whispered words floating to the ear
Someone standing guard at the door
Someone who’s always there with a smile
When a smile is all you’ve been asking for
And you don’t have to save the world today
Just be there with your love in each and every way
She performs miracles every time she looks in my eyes
Supports every failure along with success
Joins me in my laughs
Wipes away the years that I cry

I believe in god today
Because she thinks I’m funny
Loses her breath at my words
Chuckles at tiny animals
Takes time to admire the birds

I know there’s a god today
She’s created flames I didn’t know existed
Does things that I haven’t resisted
And always seems to be there when I fall
And I will give her my soul, my heart, my body, my all

None for myself


There’s a breeze that comes for me at night
It’s not quite, but I call it hell
Even through all this
She has all kinds of faith in me
And I have none for myself.

All my demons are self created
Finding ways to try to break myself
Even through all of this
She has all kinds of love for me
And I have none for myself

And I take my inadequacies and self doubt
Project it on her, I’m holding cards she hasn’t dealt
Despite all of this
She has all kinds of patience for me
And I have none for myself

And the mirror never lies
It’s just mean as hell
And she’s standing behind me in that reflection
Holding me up with strength
I do not possess myself.

And I love you, Frances Marie


A second or two that flit by

where I swear I’m on cruise control

hands flying, and going where they feel they should

followed quickly by my heart and soul


My heart hasn’t known days like today

the trick is to hold it together, keep the link

Where I can’t breathe, but I can definitely say

I don’t know what I’m doing, It’s all instinct


A lifetimes gone by, so that makes it a straight rush

suddenly realizing something I didn’t know was real

is outside and trying to claw it’s way in

and I smile as I open the door for the reveal


and, baby my head spins

and my knees feel like gravity wants to eat me alive

and my spine tingles, as if it wants out

like I’m at the edge of the board ready to dive


into your ocean, into your head

locking my eyes onto yours

going airborne, hanging on words you’ve said


and it’s like fuel on the fire

the way you respond to me

as breathless, as I am….

as passionate about you that I can be


stand back from the flame, because it’s going to knock out glass

40 years catching up with me,

a shock to the system how that much time can pass

not knowing how wanton love could be


The rest of my life

my hand in yours, soaked in sweat

making up time

brightening skies after the sun’s set.

With sword and pen

Don’t have thoughts
Have no designs
I know she’s perfect
She defies time

And as long as I’m near
She’s nothing to fear
Her body with sword I defend
Her heart with my pen

I know I’ve got heaven
I’m aware of her perfection
She makes my heart stop
My legs lose direction

And I can only repay
The rebuilding she’s done
By standing at her side
Having her back, manning the front

So no one should think
They can have anything that is hers
No worldly possessions,
Damn sure not my words

Because I am her gate and guard
I am retribution toward any men
Who may challenge my sword
Or question my pen.