The hands had gone around the face
7 times at least
and it felt like I dialed 20 minutes before

My heart was sinking
as the sun was about to show
I knew it was 4 am,
but I didn’t want to let you go

My eyes were burning
lids like lead weights
fingers sore from holding that device
but I’d never been more awake

That night, and every night
you’d been a thousand miles away
we’d been talking the whole time
yet we’d never run out of things to say

and you made me breathless….

At that point, I’d only heard you in glimpses
seen your words in font
We overnight gained the chances
to say whatever we’d want

Oh, God, whenever we’d want….

And then I gained you
through electric eyes and electronic devices
Modern day miracles
technology so priceless

And the dialing and the goodbye-ing
are over with now
and forever

Yet I smile as I say texting is still fun

…..and I now wake up beside you
as excited as when you first said “Hello”
I can touch you now, you know
immediately tell you what I have to say
as you still manage to take my breath away

Yes I see you in the morning now
you’re the last thing I see, as I trail off to sleep
yet after the door closes behind me when I leave
I miss you, God, somehow way down deep

Sometimes though out of sight, never out of mind
You’re with me all the time…..