First time I read the words, heard the voice

smelled her skin

I knew the answer lied within.

Inside me, she just needed to bring it out

Self contained suffocation, removed with the self-doubt

lessons learned,

writing my own ticket to hell.


Never been with anyone before

who’s made it so obvious

it was as if a switch had been flicked


it doesn’t have to be so hard….


She gave herself to me

and held my hands steady until I was certain I could hold on by myself

Because the things I needed to fear were lying on my own shelf


not hers….


And all those things, and the trepidation they caused

are by the day fading away


and she smiles at me and gives me pause


as I empty out the closet, I know I have reasons to think I am something special

Worth it all, the winter that came before the fall…..

She doesn’t want to have to say it again



She wants me to know it.