A second or two that flit by

where I swear I’m on cruise control

hands flying, and going where they feel they should

followed quickly by my heart and soul


My heart hasn’t known days like today

the trick is to hold it together, keep the link

Where I can’t breathe, but I can definitely say

I don’t know what I’m doing, It’s all instinct


A lifetimes gone by, so that makes it a straight rush

suddenly realizing something I didn’t know was real

is outside and trying to claw it’s way in

and I smile as I open the door for the reveal


and, baby my head spins

and my knees feel like gravity wants to eat me alive

and my spine tingles, as if it wants out

like I’m at the edge of the board ready to dive


into your ocean, into your head

locking my eyes onto yours

going airborne, hanging on words you’ve said


and it’s like fuel on the fire

the way you respond to me

as breathless, as I am….

as passionate about you that I can be


stand back from the flame, because it’s going to knock out glass

40 years catching up with me,

a shock to the system how that much time can pass

not knowing how wanton love could be


The rest of my life

my hand in yours, soaked in sweat

making up time

brightening skies after the sun’s set.