She had smiled
Somehow I could feel it in her text
Or hear it in her long distance voice
She said she wanted to take away all the pain
Take care of me, love me all the way through
Make me feel as if I had a choice
There’s no way to explain
A person who loves you
Even when you’re in pain
Whispered words floating to the ear
Someone standing guard at the door
Someone who’s always there with a smile
When a smile is all you’ve been asking for
And you don’t have to save the world today
Just be there with your love in each and every way
She performs miracles every time she looks in my eyes
Supports every failure along with success
Joins me in my laughs
Wipes away the years that I cry

I believe in god today
Because she thinks I’m funny
Loses her breath at my words
Chuckles at tiny animals
Takes time to admire the birds

I know there’s a god today
She’s created flames I didn’t know existed
Does things that I haven’t resisted
And always seems to be there when I fall
And I will give her my soul, my heart, my body, my all