I know I say I’m sorry too much
Apologizing when there’s no need
Taking a left when I should go right
You tell me it’s okay, always alright

But I truly regret
Not taking your hand when we were but kids
Showing you how special you are
How I wouldve seen you even with closed eyelids

I’m sorry no one set you up high
Where you always deserved to be
Held you above all reproach
No one viewed you the way I see

I do so seek to defend your honor
Wish for you to know what you deserve so much
I guess all I can hope to do is love you with all I am
With my heart, my words, my actions, and my touch

Im sorry I didnt find you all those years ago
When we were so close in years and miles
So I could have let you know from the word “go”
That you were one in a million, and born to smile.

I love you.