Like quieting a baby
Like deep breaths as I lay on the floor
I spend too much time pondering the sound
Long after the slamming of the door

I hold onto moments
Gripping so tight
That’s heaven when reminiscing
But it’s Hell on earth when things have kept me up at night

no one’s hurting me now

In order to take that hand
You have to let something go.

Justice is reciprocal
Retribution is patient
I can’t carry those weights
For those I need indifference

Stepping into the love that’s been offered to my existence
Don’t question my own worthiness
Don’t show it resistance

Drop all the blackness
Let go of the hatred
At the least don’t let it define me

Let her take me in, and feel it her way
See things the way she wants me to see

To feel peace within her

Just her and me….