Our love is one of those flowers,
Strong and a sight,
Give it sun, careful it with shade
And it needs to be handled right
It needs water, but not the tears that can be made,
So give me time to know,
I can turn it in my hand,
Watching the petals glow,
knowing we’re safe,
There’s nowhere else you want to go,
As delicate as it is,
It’s strong enough to grow on its own,
Without my bleeding fears of the unknown.
It will hold, as will I, as will you,
This piece of us forever…
Steadfast and strong,
Gorgeous, the only thing more beautiful is you.

And I don’t want to hold it so tight
That the petals fall
The stem grows weak

I’ve come to the knowledge this night
That it grows before me
I can look and see

And bask in the colors that flourish
Without touching with overlook
Or over thinking with harsh hands

It’s a forever flower
From a forever garden
Tended by you and me