Sometimes I think a set of rules gets drawn up
thrust at you so young, you believe
when something ends, or someone dies
you have no choice but to grieve

They tell you that’s the way it has to be

Flowers only grow where there’s mud and rain
relationships only fail when there’s someone to blame

and I’ve walked around with that feeling in my gut
went years, lost tears, unable to come up with a trick
to describe that sensation I couldn’t shake loose
it was the breathlessly sore feeling of being kicked

They tell you that’s the way it has to be
take those kicks and punches, and keep trying til you get up
even if there’s nothing to get up for

Hearts only flourish where there’s love and passion
Not in situations where that shit gets rationed

So I got up, and I fell a couple times
bruises in my ribs just beginning to heal
there’s my hands around my stomach, rubbing it away

and I’m ambling forward now
wind knocked out, but starting to feel
those hands on my belly, aren’t even mine anyway

So this getting up game, isn’t pushing up off the floor
realizing that is like seeing a half full cup
the pathway is clearing towards that eternally closed door
and I see that now, because I’ve been PULLED up.