Being close is a dream come true
You’re in my arms, and I can be right

Being close feels like something new
I don’t feel okay when I go without you

You’ve ruined me for beauty in the world
I don’t think much of flowers anymore
They aren’t much held up to you

Being close has become a state of mind
A goal I reach for, a golden time

Being close is you and myself
I don’t need to be anything other than me,
You don’t make me have to try

You’ve spoiled me with what wonder is
I don’t need anything else anymore
Nothing’s much held up to you

And I wait with bated breath for out next moment, our next glance

The next time I make you tingle or laugh
I wait long and hard for my next chance

Frances, I truly know how lucky I am to have you as my life mate, and I want you to know that our next moment makes all of the ones leading up to it worthwhile…..