Nobody has said
The things you’ve said
Nobody has looked at me
the way that you have

I wonder what it is that you saw
because nobody has answered my questions in a way
that made me drop whats in my hands, along with my jaw

So Many Things
That I can barely absorb

So many faces you’ve made
that I’ve never known before

and I wonder what’s going through your mind
as you hold my name in your voice
and it sounds like its from another time

so I’ve got to question
whether it’s all real
if it stays after I sleep
and if it’s for me
and if I’m indeed worthy

Nobody has felt like arms that are open
and will enfold me as I walk in
Nobody has felt like a warm, kinked smile
a sensual and happy knowing grin

I’ve wondered what it was that I said
that caught you, pulled you, made you turn your head
I’ve wondered what it is that you have seen
that made you doubtlessly know it was I that you’d need

I told you all the ways I’ve never been here before
and it’s so effortless for you, you can’t believe how I react

The day may come when it all seems par for the course
and I can begin to find some way to pay you back

You’re all I want, there’s nothing else
and you’ve told me the same
When you can see how amazing you are
and see how I envision you

You’ll know why it’s so hard to grasp
why I am everything that will satisfy you

I’m walking slow but getting there
be patient, I’m on my way
because Nobody has done what you’ve done to me
Nobody has said what you continue to say.