You always want to know
why I think the worst
of what you see as something so minor

Because no matter what I do
this is the first
I’ve felt love that couldnt be kinder

and I’ve told you I can’t lose you
and you tell me that I won’t
nightmares illustrate the darkness
even if I don’t

So I’m learning slowly how to be secure
to trust in your eyes and your words
and cast aside my fear

So I’m learning the you’re not going anywhere
to trust in myself and my actions
and treat myself fair

That what I’ve said
about what you’ve done
and how loving you has been my life’s peak

that you feel the same way about me
believe me that makes me weak

so There it is
for you to grasp
that I’m coming to grips
with a really large task

that feeling secure in your devotion
and trusting myself to hold on
is quickly becoming a certainty
and no longer one to grow on

I’m seeing in slow motion

that the holding on of angels
that your love has become

that I know I’ve experienced never

that the emotional, spiritual,
conversational, physical pull

that I know I’ve experienced never

will be there always and forever

Because of the words I’ve heard before never
“Ill never give up on you….”

there it is.

I love you…..
From the moment I heard your words, laid eyes on you, til my physical form loses it’s light….