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Lost In There

There’s moments
when the tips of your fingers touch my skin

There’s moments
when you say my name, or smile that glow

when I smell your hair up close
nobody could find me
I don’t even know where I go

I get Lost in You

I only hear your name
cause I’m singing it

There’s never been
a stronger grasp

on me than the one you have

There’s never been
a place I’d rather be

than wherever there’s you and me

When I taste your lips on mine
nobody could find me
There’s nowhere near enough time

to search for someone that caught up in you

You take me where I’ve never been
a place way off the beaten path
When my hands wraps around you waist
and my fingers find the small of your back

and we dance under the kitchen ceiling light
I feel your lips dancing on my neck
even if the world was falling down around me
I would consider the moment perfect

because I’m Lost in there
Lost with you


place to place
town to town
face to face
school to school

feeling like a fool

after a while

wind in my face the only thing that felt good

No matter where I went, how I felt
what was around
how long I was there
it was all temporary
ground underneath me soft

and a soul glancing to the sky for something or someone I knew was out there

from day one
the day I first opened my eyes and cried.
to the day
I gave up
and nearly died

Because no matter where I went
what jobs I worked
what halls I walked
what burns I had that hurt

No one could see me
I was invisible

until you saw me
the day I first opened my eyes and believed it wasn’t all a lie
the day I saw an edge
that I was ready to leap off of
ready to set my thumb down on the send key
after the most important words of my life…

no longer transparent
Not so much a window, maybe a door

the day I first looked down at myself and I couldn’t see through me anymore

Knowing Joy

you belong to me

me alone

It is an honor,
a gift, so true

But I may take more pride

find it more
of a privilege


that I
in your own words
belong to you

I know

I know
what it’s like
I’ve made her cry before

and in those moments
I know
what hell is like

And I won’t let anyone
take anything from her at all
because I’ve seen inside her eyes
just before those tears fall

And I can’t let that happen again

angels aren’t meant to cry
because it’s like tearing a hole in the sky
some things are beyond definition
I can’t really explain to you why….

Whatever belongs to her is hers
and I will gladly hand her what’s mine
nothing should be taken from her
it’s not even fair nature takes her time….

and in those golden god-given moments
when her smile equals her hair’s shine
I know what divinity means
her laughter is a perfectly timed rhyme

when she gives those laughs and smiles to me
and thanks me by wrapping those flawless wrists around my neck
I know then what nirvana means
I come so damn close to feeling perfect

I know
what it’s like
I’ve made her laugh before

and in those moments
I know
what heaven is like


I’d been wondering and wandering
no matter how long I may have been in one place
nothing felt right for long when my pillow held my face

so long unsettled
it wasn’t the lack of roots
it wasn’t the ground under my shoes

it was me not having you

until now
I’m home

I know I may be difficult sometimes
I may make you worry, but honey, look at me and see

I’m right where I’m supposed to be

when you’re at my chest, eyes up into mine
when you lie in front of me, smelling so fine
when you say my warmth takes your cold nights and makes them day
when I turn to you to ask you to chase the ghosts away

Pain goes away like I’ve never felt before
When I come home heaven waits on the other side of the door

All those years and the strange places I roamed

right now
I’m home


Days like these I feel like a raindrop
in her sunlight
running down the glass on the window

making her wonder if she’ll ever know

if it’s safe to go outside
to run in the grass without getting wet
without getting mud on those pretty little feet

Days like these I feel like a thunderhead
on her beautiful day
rumbling low and causing doubt

making her wonder if she can ever go out

if she can take a walk in the air
to feel crisp fall air push back her air
without getting windburn on her pretty little cheeks

I’m hoping I’m not a dark cloud
on her gorgeous life today
I don’t want to rain on her parade
or be a black future to be hoped away

I came to her with hopes for a life of music and smiles
laughter and passion, travels with joy over miles
to make her happy, cause grins in the mirror infinitely
Not to fear the cold front that may have come with me…..

At war with myself

I feel like I rebroke the wheel
And sometimes
I feel like I make things harder than concrete

It’s easy to feel that hard’s the only way to be

When there’s no simple route to easy

I’m a pain in a numb world
Sharp sting in a smile gone dull
I’ve been hoping to god someone can figure me out

Or at least find a way to lessen the doubt

I think that someone is you

the moon is closer than my headache
And Sometimes dreams run from me to the stars

When I had no way to get out of bed today

It’s hard to explain all these battle scars

I’m a general at war with myself
And the wounded become those I love
I’ve been hoping to god someone brings a cease fire around

Before the mushroom cloud.

I know that someone is you

Light from Dark

I’ve told her how dark her eyes are
how it feels to run my fingers through her hair

How can such light come from in there?

It’s a mystery, I suppose
but I guess it just doesn’t matter

because it never goes away
or gives up
or loses it’s power
or it’s faith in me

she always says the right thing
even when what I say is wrong

people create testaments and monuments to faith like that
they put pen to paper
they write songs

because it feels so good
it’s life long

She’ll Never Know

I have never put
a dollar value
on a damn thing in my life
but I’d pay all I have
or would earn
for what it feels like

to be rolled up with her
lights out, lights on
in front of the tube
or just watching fish in the pond

football’s a creature comfort
the kitchen’s paradise
walking around became heaven
with her hand in mine

there’s no such thing as minutiae
no moments wasted in my mind
She’ll never know the magic she brings
when she gifts me with her time

I laugh a bit louder
yearn a bit harder
smile a lot wider
with her by my side

I’ll live a bit stronger
feel a bit prouder
know a lot better
with her as my bride

she’ll never know
no matter how hard she tries to see
that when she let me in
she validated me

and she’s a present
a golden gift from some heaven somewhere
I know how lucky I am
when she looks at me

allows me to stroke her hair

and she’ll never know how great she is
or how limitless her beauty is
even if I tell her every moment of the day

I wish I could make her see it that way…..

Someone Somewhere

I hope you understand
when I’m afraid this thing in my hand might break
there are days my concerns about that
keep me restless and awake

Don’t hold it against me
if I hold you against me
tighter than a drum
tighter than love

Cause someone somewhere said if you happen to know
don’t you dare let it go

Now I question my own methods
and better than any industry ever has
I synthesize, create, and manufacture
with far less manpower and only two hands

Give me time to grow up
a little bit of time to learn
before I take this bridge before me
and find a way to make it burn

Cause someone somewhere said you should really know
your worries will drag you down below

If you see my wheels turning
It’s because my love for you is burning
in my head I’m trying to learn
how to hold onto to the one who makes me burn

without crying over milk I’ve spilled
or making another mountain out of a molehill

I’ll be alright, I’ll see through the spray
of a wave that may have crashed over me that day
and I’ll dry off and wrap you up with me
in a blanket and we’ll lie by the sea

because you and I are tightly tethered
holding strong through any weather
and hopefully fewer storms that I kick up

and less things that I make tough

because I know how tough it can be
being in love with me
but I promise I’m worth every moment spent
every word spoken is deeply meant

My love is strong, loyal and true
because in the end, I came for you….