It was so easy
telling you I loved you that December Day
still easy to this day, despite the lack of ways
saying you’re my reason so is easy to say

but, baby, it’s hard
protecting you when you don’t want it
finding new ways to convey my love undaunted
casting off the remaining doubts with which I’m haunted

…and it’s easy
to step forward and open that door
throw my jacket on the puddles on the concrete floor
take a bullet, sword, or insult for you, anything more

….and it’s tough
being jealous when I know you’re perfect
and I’m not even close
casting off the remaining fears that dwell like ghosts

…so damn easy
to look at you, and forget what I’m thinking
reach for you when I feel my ship sinking
making love to you is like a thirsty man drinking

but it’s easy to be proud
knowing you need me too
you use the word want
you use the word need
you use the word “us” for me and you
and it’s easy to believe it’s true

hard sometimes because it feels new.

Nothing comes easy
It was hard for us, still is at times
we fought through what others will have no clue as to what it’s like

but “us” is worth it,
no regrets
no doubts
just life…..