Everything goes quiet
everywhere but inside
I’ve never felt more aware
never felt more alive

and there’s goosebumps on my skin
and I can hardly breathe
it’s not so much what I want

as it is what I need…..

I’ve never been here before
standing in front of a never opened door
I can ask what this is a million more times

There’s no answer for that question
at least none that rhymes

Because you can’t put to words
everything that you feel
maybe you can see it in my eyes
when my hands light upon you
those times when it doesn’t seem real

Oh, I gasp, my air grows short
I tighten here, loosen there
I die a million little pretty deaths

with each little quickening breath

It’s quiet everywhere but inside
where my mind goes for one hell of a ride
every time I get my blood up to reach anew
for the impossible beauty that is you….

head spins
the lighting dims
on the fate

of the next few moments in my hands

I can barely stand

it’s no so much what I want
as it is what I need

I’ve fallen for you complete
down to the simplest cell
my basest level belongs to you

So quiet that I hush

and listen to love, passion, lightning, thunder, true….