I had been walking
spent too much time
looking at the sky
too much money
trying to figure out why

had learned lessons on how to cry

but hadn’t asked the questions outside of my own head
eyes closed, seeing the color red,
sleep assisted by something other than the pillow on my bed

until you provided the answer….

I never thought to ask
anyone or anything
on land or in the sea
to solve the puzzle
that really was just me

I’m not going to ask
because I’m thinkin
you yourself may not know
how you make me feel this way
why I now know which way to go

I don’t have any more questions that need to be asked
eyes open, seeing the colors that contrast
sleep so much greater than ever in the past

because you’ve provided the answers

to no specific questions
no direct inquiries
no puzzlement or quandary anymore

I’m walking forward now,
out the door
with more purpose than before

Pulling things together, gathering steam
adrenaline rush as my hopes and dreams
come rocking back to life, it seems

life locks up sometimes
like traffic, blocked, depressed congestion
but it breaks up, and heads out
when you’ve found answers to your question

? = You

You + Me = US.