I hope you understand
when I’m afraid this thing in my hand might break
there are days my concerns about that
keep me restless and awake

Don’t hold it against me
if I hold you against me
tighter than a drum
tighter than love

Cause someone somewhere said if you happen to know
don’t you dare let it go

Now I question my own methods
and better than any industry ever has
I synthesize, create, and manufacture
with far less manpower and only two hands

Give me time to grow up
a little bit of time to learn
before I take this bridge before me
and find a way to make it burn

Cause someone somewhere said you should really know
your worries will drag you down below

If you see my wheels turning
It’s because my love for you is burning
in my head I’m trying to learn
how to hold onto to the one who makes me burn

without crying over milk I’ve spilled
or making another mountain out of a molehill

I’ll be alright, I’ll see through the spray
of a wave that may have crashed over me that day
and I’ll dry off and wrap you up with me
in a blanket and we’ll lie by the sea

because you and I are tightly tethered
holding strong through any weather
and hopefully fewer storms that I kick up

and less things that I make tough

because I know how tough it can be
being in love with me
but I promise I’m worth every moment spent
every word spoken is deeply meant

My love is strong, loyal and true
because in the end, I came for you….