I have never put
a dollar value
on a damn thing in my life
but I’d pay all I have
or would earn
for what it feels like

to be rolled up with her
lights out, lights on
in front of the tube
or just watching fish in the pond

football’s a creature comfort
the kitchen’s paradise
walking around became heaven
with her hand in mine

there’s no such thing as minutiae
no moments wasted in my mind
She’ll never know the magic she brings
when she gifts me with her time

I laugh a bit louder
yearn a bit harder
smile a lot wider
with her by my side

I’ll live a bit stronger
feel a bit prouder
know a lot better
with her as my bride

she’ll never know
no matter how hard she tries to see
that when she let me in
she validated me

and she’s a present
a golden gift from some heaven somewhere
I know how lucky I am
when she looks at me

allows me to stroke her hair

and she’ll never know how great she is
or how limitless her beauty is
even if I tell her every moment of the day

I wish I could make her see it that way…..